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CometD Client APIs

CometD Java Client Implementation

The CometD client implementation can be used in any JSETM or JEETM application.

It is made of one main class, org.cometd.client.BayeuxClient, that depends on Jetty's asynchronous HttpClient.

Typical usages of the CometD Java client are:

  • As the transport for a rich thick Java UI (for example, Swing) to communicate to a Bayeux Server (also via firewalls)
  • As a load generator to simulate thousands of CometD clients, like for example org.cometd.client.BayeuxLoadGenerator

A BayeuxClient also implements the org.cometd.Client interface, so all information given in the Client section regarding extensions and listeners is valid also for BayeuxClient.
Furthermore, the CometD Java Client API is very similar to the CometD JavaScript Client API, so reading that section may give you a better understanding.

The following sections will go in detail about the JavaScript Bayeux APIs and their implementation secrets.