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Java Server Cometd API: Channel

The org.cometd.Channel class represent a named "topic" to which clients subscribe to receive messages.

The name of a channel resembles that of a filesystem directory, for example: /level_3/dungeons/diamonds_cavern or /nyse/stocks/JAVA.
You can find more information on channel in the Bayeux channel section.

The most common operation on channel is to publish a message on it, using:

Channel.publish(Client local, Object data, String messageId)

The first argument represent the server-side local client that sends the message, and most of the time can be null, as the implementation will use a default value.
The second argument represent the data that you want to send, and the third argument is the messageId, which can be null, as the implementation will generate a new value.

public class StockService extends BayeuxService
    public void stockChanged(String stockName, double price)
        Channel channel = getBayeux().getChannel("/nyse/stocks/" + stockName, false);
        if (channel != null)
            Map<String, Object> data = new HashMap<String, Object>();
            data.put("price", price);
            channel.publish(null, message, null);

A channel may have one or more org.cometd.DataFilters that are used to modify the incoming and outgoing messages (for example by replacing XML markups such as <foo> with &lt;foo&gt;). The data filters are added and removed via:

Channel.addDataFilter(DataFilter filter);
Channel.removeDataFilter(DataFilter filter);

Channels may be set to be persistent, which means that when the last subscriber unsubscribes, the channel object will remain in memory and can be accessed via the Bayeux API.

Channel.setPersistent(boolean persistent)

Channels may also be set as lazy, which means that all messages sent to that channel will be marked as lazy. A lazy message is a message that does not wake up the long poll to be delivered immediately to the client, but it will be delivered on the first occasion (either a non-lazy message sent to the channel, or the long poll returning because it timed out).

Channel.setLazy(boolean lazy)

Subscriptions to channels are normally not done directly on the channel, but via the Client API.