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Multiple Clients

Multiple CometD Clients

The HTTP protocol recommends a connection limit of 2 connections per domain.
Virtually all browsers adhere to this recommendation, thus any iframes, tabs or windows on the same browser connecting to the same host need to share the two connections.

If two iframes/tabs/windows initiate a Bayeux communication, both will start a long poll connect request and both connections will be consumed.

The CometD Server implementation implements the multiple-clients advice specified in the Bayeux specification.
The server uses "BAYEUX_BROWSER" cookie to detect multiple CometD clients from the same browser.

If multiple clients are detected, then only one long poll connection is allowed and subsequent long poll requests will not wait for messages before returning. They will return immediately with the multiple-clients field of the advice object set to true. The advice will also contain an interval field set to the value of the "multiFrameInterval" servlet init parameter (see here). This instructs the client not to send another long poll until that interval has passed.

The effect of this advice is that additional client connections will poll the server with a period of "multiFrameInterval". This avoids consume both HTTP connections at the cost of some latency for the additional iframes/tabs/windows.

It is recommended that the client application monitor the /meta/connect channel for multiple-clients field in the advice. If detected, the application may ask the user to close the additional tabs, or it could automatically close them or take some other action.