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CometD JavaScript

CometD JavaScript Implementation

The JavaScript implementation of the Bayeux specification and API has been totally rewritten starting from CometD version 1.0.beta8, and further refactored since 1.0.beta9.
What is available now is a portable JavaScript implementation with bindings for the major JavaScript toolkits, currently Dojo and jQuery.

What this means is that the CometD Bayeux JavaScript implementation is written in pure JavaScript with no dependencies on the toolkits, and that the toolkit bindings add the syntactic sugar that makes the Bayeux APIs feel like they are native to the toolkit.
For example, it is possible to refer to the standard cometd object using the following notation:

// Dojo style
var cometd = dojox.cometd;

// jQuery style
var cometd = $.cometd;

If you followed the Primer, you may have noticed that the skeleton project now requires to reference both the portable implementation, under org/cometd.js, and one binding - for example Dojo's - under dojox/cometd.js. For jQuery, the binding is under jquery/jquery.cometd.js.

The usage of the Bayeux APIs from the JavaScript toolkits is almost identical, and in the following we will not refer to a particular toolkit.
Small differences only surface when passing callback functions to the Bayeux API, where Dojo users may like to use dojo.hitch(), while jQuery users may like an anonymous function approach.

The following sections will go in detail about the JavaScript Bayeux APIs and their implementation secrets.