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CometD Timestamp Extension

CometD Timestamp Extension

The timestamp extension add a timestamp to the message object, for every message sent by the client and/or server.
It is a non standard extension because it does not add the additional fields to the ext field, but to the message object itself.
This extension requires both a client-side extension and a server-side extension. The server-side extension is available in Java.

Enabling the Server-side Extension

To enable support for timestamped messages, the extension must be added to the org.cometd.Bayeux instance during initialization:

bayeux.addExtension(new org.cometd.server.ext.TimestampExtension());

Enabling the Client-side Extension

The client side extension binding for Dojo is provided by dojox/cometd/ack.js and it is sufficient to use Dojo's dojo.require mechanism:


The client side extension binding for jQuery is provided by the file jquery.cometd-timestamp.js. This file must be included in the HTML page via the <script> tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.cometd-timestamp.js"></script>

In both Dojo and jQuery extension bindings, the extension is registered on the default cometd object under the name "timestamp".